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Movie Repair Service

Stuff happens... Movie files can easily get corrupted, and re-shoot is not a option. Fortunately, most of the time a repair is possible.

  • FREE diagnostic and preview with Treasured (Mac app)
  • FREE sample of repaired video
  • FREE trial of repair solution: Try before you buy
  • FAST 48 hours or less
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SimpleMovieX is a lightweight video editor, with no learning curve, and that addresses 99% of simple editing tasks. Whether you are a video aficionado, or a seasoned professional, you will get your job done and discover that there's still room for delight and excitement!

Only an application designed by someone that seriously uses it, and polished over years of development, can get the small details right: That's what SimpleMovieX is about.

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Treasured FREE Mac software to detect media in your damaged files.

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download v4.2

Dec. 2017 • 10 MB

Version 3.13: Discover smart movie tagging with new metadata editor, built in SimpleMovieX.

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download 3.13
September 2016 • 6 MB
High Sierra 10.13 supported