2 light-weight, general purpose, inexpensive movie editors.
Let's try to make a bias-free comparison between the 2 products:

QuickTime ProSimpleMovieX
Edit and Save in QuickTime mov format.
Watch movies full-screen.
Create compelling slideshows - complete with soundtrack.
QuickTime Video and Audio codecs.
QuickTime Import and Export formats.
Support of third-party codecs and Import/Export components.
Save Internet movies.
Remote control.✓*
Capture Audio/Video.
Track-level editing.soon
Automation of workflow (AppleScript, Automator).soon
Sharing with Friend/Colleages.soon
Fully featured, unlimited Trial version to get you hooked.
Searchable movies.
Adaptable timeline.
Native support of MPEG formats: Edit, Split, Merge and Save.
Audio transcoding when converting from MPEG formats.
Native support of AVI format: Edit, Split, Merge and Save.
Support of very big files over 4GB in MPEG and AVI formats.
Chapters integrated to editor.
Audio Waveform and resynchronization.
Economical Volume licensing.
Customer support directly from development team.
Chapter marker creation in MPEG-4, iPod, iPhone.
The warm feeling of supporting an independant Mac developer.
* requires IOSpirit Remote Buddy software.

Switch to SimpleMovieX

It's the perfect QT Pro replacement. Unless you heavily rely one the few QT Pro features not included in SimpleMovieX, it's a safe bet to switch. You'll feel at home, since both use similar interface designs.
But there's more here than just a plain replacement. You'll see how most common tasks get easier to perform and that many QT limitations have vanished. The secret is to tailor the software around the users natural workflows, and to put passion into it.

A word from the developer

"QuickTime Pro is a good product but will never be a killer application. Why? Because it's a product that plays a well-defined role in Apple product matrix: It has to showcase Apple multimedia technology, so it must be QuickTime format centric and support all its legacy. It cannot be too specific either, so it will fit all needs without being good at anything. It cannot have advanced features or it would cannibalize other Apple products like Final Cut Pro. At the end, it's a low-profile product that isn't really customer-oriented.

SimpleMovieX is our star product. At Aero Quartet, we want to make it shine and will go where the customers needs are. That's why we have a multi-format editor, optimized for most popular editing tasks like removing commercials, creating playlists or converting files. And we'll keep building great features!"

Good luck with your choice!

The QuickTime Tax

Choose SimpleMovieX and stop paying again and again for the same.

With every major release of QuickTime, Apple has charged their customers for a full price QT Pro license. Apple did it in April 2005 when QuickTime 7 was released.

Not with SimpleMovieX. You automatically benefit from future QuickTime audio and video capabilities, without paying a cent.

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