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If you know the URL of the movie, just do File>Open URL... and the movie will be downloaded to the Desktop and will open when download is finished.


Tutorial Videos

The first time you launch SimpleMovieX, the File>Open URL... pop-up list comes preloaded with links to some SimpleMovieX Tutorial Videos.

To download them, just select and do Open.

Google Video

In case of Google Video, the movie can be downloaded with Google Player application, and then the gvi file can be open by SimpleMovieX and will instantlly be modified to become a regular avi file.

From that point on, the file can be used for editing, merging, whatever.

Whereas latest versions of QuickTime now support gvi files (by renaming them with avi extension), this is not the case in all environments. This is why SimpleMovieX fixes it.

YouTube and other Flash-based sites

Not possible as of today.