“I record TV programs, then I remove all the commercials in one shot. It's fast and clean.”

With SimpleMovieX, to search the commercials inside the movie is easy. The accurate timeline will do a good job marking the segments to remove. Saving takes only a few minutes thanks to native support of most popular formats.

“I have tons of DVDs with music concerts, and I want to split them into songs, then put them in iTunes.”

“I used Chapters to mark the beginning of each song. All individual songs were then cut apart in one shot with the "Split into movies" function, and after that I just added them to iTunes et voila.”

Version 3.13
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September 2016 • 6 MB
High Sierra 10.13 supported

Main Features

Lossless MP4 AVI

Most popular file formats mov, mpeg, avi and iPod mp4, are natively supported: you can edit and save them in a breeze without loss of quality.


Adding Chapters, you give direct access to specific sequences inside the movie, you create compilations of movies or songs.

Tags for iTunes

Edit your iTunes movies, enhance them with artwork, meta tags and chapters.

Batch Converter

Choose the files, the format, and let your Mac do the hard work. More

Searchable Movies

Easily find a sequence inside a long movie with Thumbnail view and Audio Waveform. More

Even more...