Native support extended to MPEG, AVI and iPod formats

SimpleMovieX has the same file opening, editing and saving capabilities as QuickTime Pro.
But in addition, you can also...

Native Edting Chart

In the dark about codecs ?

With SimpleMovieX, you don't need to be an expert to get your work done.

A codec is a software component capable of performing encoding and decoding of audio and video data. For your computer to read a movie, the corresponding codecs must be installed. More on Wikipedia
A container is a file format used to store multimedia information. Most popular containers are MPEG, MOV and AVI. More on Wikipedia

Native vs Transcoding

SimpleMovieX also leverages the exporter components compatible with QuickTime to make transcoding of format possible. For example, a DV clip can be converted to MPEG-4 through the Export menu. Transcoding is not as good as Native editing, because it is about 10 times slower to perform and some quality is lost. If you have a 5 minutes DivX .avi clip, you can either save it natively in avi format, which will take a dozen of seconds, or transcode it with DivX avi exporter, which will take 5 minutes and erode the image quality.

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MPEG-2 playback, editing and saving will require the corresponding codec to be installed in your system. It can be purchased from Apple store.

The limitations of Apple MPEG-2 playback component will also apply to SimpleMovieX, except for audio transcoding that is supported.

AVI (DivX, 3ivx, ...)

AVI files contain in general one DivX or 3vix video track and one mp3 audio track. SimpleMovieX supports any video codec that QuickTime understands (this includes DivX and 3vix if you install the respective codecs) and mp3 audio track.

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