This version is a free upgrade for all registered users.
Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. NEW: OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported.
Release date: 3 August 2011. More details in Release Notes

This version is a free upgrade for all registered users.
Release date: 30 July 2010. Last version working with Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.

Works great with iTunes and MP4 format!

Besides Chapters, native MP4 saving and a Metadata editor, version 3.10 adds:
  • Save to iTunes Library in one click
  • Support for multiple audio tracks, and also Dolby AC3 (MP4 format)
  • Setting the audio tracks description and language
  • Move your XVID movies into your AppleTV, iPad, iPhone in just a few minutes (mutating XVID to MPEG4, EXPERIMENTAL!)

Watch on AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Front Row!

including: Chapters, Language selection, Artwork, Metadata

German localization

SimpleMovieX is now available in English, French and German.

There was also a lot of good stuff in 3.9!
Release date: 2009

Metadata Editor

Tag your movies directly inside SimpleMovieX.

Revamped Search Pane

Find the tiles with not wanted contents (commercials, ...) and remove them.
Select and cut directly the tiles.
Faster and more intuitive than with the timeline.

Merge several movies in one shot

Just by dropping them on a blank document. SimpleMovieX lets you order them by name or by date, and adds chapter markers for your convenience.

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