SimpleMovieX has been discontinued

With the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina in October 2019, SimpleMovieX has been discontinued.
It is no longer sold, but Aero Quartet continues to provide basic support, for example resending registration codes to a paid customer that has lost it.

macOS 10.15 Catalina is the first macOS version that doesn't run 32-bit applications, and since SimpleMovieX is built on 32-bit technology, namely the now defunct QuickTime API, it cannot be recompiled to 64-bit and extend its life into the 2020s.

SimpleMovieX will continue to work as always if you run macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier.

Many Macintosh users, in particular the professional users, will still stay with Mojave for severals years, because they need 32-bit compatibility to run utilities and special software that hasn't been upgraded to 64-bit. Those customers can continue to use SimpleMovieX for as long as they don't upgrade to macOS 10.15.

Be careful, many video codecs used in the early 2000s are only available with QuickTime 32-bit technology.
If you have video files using those codecs, you shouldn't upgrade all your systems to Catalina, but rather keep at least one Mac (or a bootable external disk) with 10.14 Mojave, to keep having access to those old video files.

This is very important for archive disks and long term storage. We recommend to convert those files to a more recent video format, and for this task, SimpleMovieX has a feature called Batch Export.

In that sense, the utility of SimpleMovieX in a post 32-bit world might give a surprising turn and grow again in the next years. A few years from now, SimpleMovieX might be one of the last options still able to play and edit old video formats.

For this reason, we will not throw away the SimpleMovieX codebase, and we will keep the website alive for the years to come. SimpleMovieX is no longer sold, but if you have a specific need that SimpleMovieX could have fulfilled, or any question regarding the software, please contact the Aero Quartet team at:

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